Watch: Nadia Batson is our new fave YouTube personality

With the entertainment scene at a complete standstill, artists and celebs are finding alternative ways to keep their fans engaged.

Soca songstress Nadia Batson is stepping it up a few notches, adding YouTube personality to her portfolio.

The FATT singer, along with fellow Sass Nation member Ms. Alysha has launched a new channel, Yellow Cow TV, where they give social commentary on topics we’ve all been through at one point or the other.

With a drink in hand and old talk a fixture in each video, the gal pals sit down to have oh-so-relatable conversations on life, love, friendship and more.

Whether they’re discussing the sometimes uncomfortable situations that arise when you loan friends money; whether or not they’d tell their friend if they’re getting cheated on, the rules of taking a break with your partner, each episode makes you feel like you’re sitting in your kitchen with your closest friends.

In addition to the channel, Nadia’s using the downtime to explore her other passion: makeup. She recently launched another Instagram page, Nadia Batson Beauty, where she shares mini-tutorials and her fave looks.

We’re not sure if the channel is a teaser for a upcoming cosmetic line (hint, hint Nadi!) but we’re loving the fresh content she’s giving us.

Subscribe to Yellow Cow TV on YouTube and follow on Instagram for updates.

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