5 Trini beauty brands for you to indulge yourself

Let’s face it: in this fast-paced, hectic time we’re living in, the call for self-care is at an all-time high.

Most people think self-care means investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in spa treatments or obscure products from a faraway land we may never even visit.

On the contrary, there are a number of local beauty products that don’t require you to sacrifice half of your salary while allowing you to feel like you’re having a spa day right at home.

Here are five beauty brands that you deserve to indulge in YOU.






Eco-Truffles offers one of the widest assortment of all-natural and organic hair and beauty products in Trinidad and Tobago. The line includes products for facial, hair and skin care.

From the almond milk and turmeric body butter to the rosehip and hibiscus facial serum, Eco-Truffles has something for every part of the body and also provides a healthier avenue to self-care.

The line has even expanded to products for men, the home, and even spa services.

Wholesome You

Wholesome You creates handmade, plant-powered, vegan and floral-inspired hair and skin care products. 

The Rose Nectar Herbal Mist, Banana Hibiscus Deep Conditioner, and Coconut Vanilla Body Oil make it easy to feel as though you’ve gotten lost in the Botanical Gardens.

On the other hand, with items like the Okra Detangling Cream, Mango Honey Hair Cream, and Shea Marshmallow Conditioner, naturalistas will make those curls pop, but be careful, you may be tempted to cop a taste.

Island Skyn

Island Skyn

It’s all about the glow up, baby.

Island Skyn’s offers 100% organic coconut glow oils and body butters that’ll leave you looking like a sun-kissed supermodel fresh off a beach photoshoot.

Even better, their products are not just for aesthetics. With no tint, Island Skyn moisturizes, is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, protects against UV rays and is perfect for all skin types.


Immortelle Beauty

Immortelle Beauty

With a line that makes you feel as though you stole them from the spa, Immortelle Beauty’s products might make it difficult to want to leave your home.

Ultra-fragrant candles, shower gels, body butters, scrubs, and lotions make up the Immortelle Beauty line, all of which will have you feeling as though you’re on holiday at a Balinese spa.

Check out the brand’s founder, Kathryn Nurse, as she breaks down the product line.


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Trop Shop Co.

Trop Shop Co.’s striking yet minimalist packaging is just the beginning.

100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, their product line includes items for the body, home, face, and shower.

Their unique combos are not just amazing to smell but also do a lot by way of skin care.

The lotion balms target dry patches and eczema while their bath soaps are infused with essential oils and contain natural additives such as charcoal and turmeric. Their peppermint soap is packed with sea salt which is purifying and provides mild exfoliation.

What Trinbagonian beauty products do you use to treat yo’self?

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