5 Trinbagonian photographers you should follow on Instagram

We use Instagram to capture our personal moments as well as peep through the looking glass of the lives of others right here at home and around the world. With over 700 million users, Instagram has become an amazing platform to visually capture what’s going on in the world around us.

There are a number of local photographers who (seemingly) effortlessly capture Trinidad and Tobago in various aspects in their own way. While there too many too talented photographers to count, here are at least five local photographers you should follow on Instagram.

Introvertly Bubbly

Introvertly Bubbly’s simple yet crisp photos capture many of her garden projects, local landscapes and her apparent love of coffee. Her photos not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but also make you want to start gardening yourself.

Josh Brizan

Josh’s photos can be described as nothing short of haunting. Having spent time between Trinidad and New York, his work is an interesting juxtaposition of the concrete jungle of NYC and the tranquility of the Trinbagonian terrain.

Tarique Eastman

As an adventure and lifestyle photographer, Tarique’s visually stunning photos capture the beautiful landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. One look through his profile is enough to make you invest in a tent and start spending more time outdoors.

Want to keep a keepsake of his work? Check out his wallpapers featuring his stunning images on his website.

Shaista Deen

Although Trini, Shaista is also based in the U.K., so her rich photos capture the people and landscapes of both regions. Recently featured in Vogue, Shaista’s stills will leave you with a sense of yearning for something you didn’t even know you needed.

Kyle Walcott

This fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographer’s signature has been to not just capture the moment, but the raw emotion of his subjects at just. the. right. moment. From fashion

From fashion shoots to weddings to Calypso Rose in concert, Kyle’s photos make you wish you were there.

Which Trinbagonian photographer do you follow?

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