11 naturalistas share their best advice for the big chop and transitioning

Embarking on a natural hair journey is a huge step in a woman’s life.

Some women choose to do the big chop and cut off their relaxed hair after a few months, while others prefer to wear braids and other protective styles during the grow-out or transition phase. 

You’ve read all the blogs and have stayed up til 2AM watching natural hair YouTube videos. You’re ready to start living your best natural hair life!

However, most veteran naturalistas will tell you that, no matter which path you take, the process can be exciting and just as equally frustrating and confusing.

The products that all your fave bloggers have raved about are not working on your hair. No matter how much you try, that twist-out refuses to do its job on your two-textured hair. You thought you knew your hair type only to wonder about a month later if you even have one. It can all leave you feeling a little defeated.

One secret most bloggers won’t tell you is that they’ve been in the exact same boat as you at some point along their hair journey.

We asked 11 women from the popular natural hair community–Caribbean People with Natural Hair–to share their best advice on the big chop and transitioning. Here’s what they had to say.


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Patience. Take your time in learning your hair. Not everything that works for someone else will work for you.

The longer your hair gets the more time you will spend in treating, detangling, conditioning and styling. 


I strongly believe that going natural is the best decision.

It takes some work but it’s true freedom, which increases self-acceptance and self-esteem.


Cocoabutter Trini 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and condition, condition, condition.



Be patient. 

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Steaming and moisture are your only friends. 



Unless you plan to leave your hair short, do not–For ONE SECOND–believe that natural hair will be less work or cheaper than relaxed hair. You get back what you put into it.



Have a wig ready!

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A spray bottle and a wide tooth comb are your best friends. 


Rei An

Your journey is your journey, don’t compare your hair or your rate of growth with anybody else.



I just big chopped, life is much easier than managing two different curl patterns. 

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From my experience, it’s going to take at least a year for your actual curl pattern to establish itself. Don’t freak out!



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