Watch Kalpee’s new video for ‘Wherever You Are’ with Jimmy October, Tano

Singer-songwriter Kalpee dropped the music video for his latest track, “Wherever You Are” with Jimmy October and Tano.

The official video comes a week after the initial track was released.

“We thought it was an important song to give, esp Trinidad and Tobago, a little bit of hope, something to inspire them.”

“We like to keep things abstract so ppl can receive it in any way they see fit,” the Love Letter singer said.

The track was conceptualised last year during a heavy time in the country. “Tano and I were having a convo about the current state of the country, from the crime situation to the government. A lot of people were losing their jobs, lost their homes due to the heavy flooding (Greenvale) and this was our way of venting into the music, our release.”

Jimmy was later brought into the project but the track was temporarily parked. “I went away, came back, got into a car accident which sort of changed the plans with when my EP would come out. We decided to put the single out first because it resonated with us more and I was going through a hard time with the accident and all; my perspective on life changed

“Wherever You Are” is currently streaming on all platforms as well as Kalpee’s first EP, HOME.

“I’m so excited as this first EP. It’s a mix, with me experimenting with different genres and still bringing it home. ‘There’s a different producer on each song,” he explained. “There’s Sweden mixed with Trinidad, LA, etc. It’s really just a bunch of good and talented guys coming together with some good songs for the people.”

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