Beats for sale; Chromatics launches new music platform

Hip-hop artist Chromatics has launched a platform that will allow music producers, artists and content creators to access and purchase original productions online.

Chromatics Music Beats was launched at the end of May on Facebook Live by Chromatics himself while in his studio.

The website will allow users to access a range of beats for purchase across several genres including soca, hip hop, reggae, dancehall and trap music. All beats in the collection have been created by local producers.

During the announcement, he walked fans through the site, showing them how to access and purchase beats, all of which are created by local producers. Users will be able to search for beats by producer name or genre.

Users will also be able to choose between different types of licensing options including Basic, Premium and Exclusive.

“It’s a really cool way for producers to showcase their beats online and will allow ease of access for artists and content creators to check out producers’ works and purchase at the same time. It’s a one-stop shop where everybody can share their content and look for online productions,” said Chromatics.

The platform will also feature monthly studio package deals, which will allow artists to record in Chromatics’ studio.

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