This Caribbean dating site is designed for single professionals in mind

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year is failure in all of our books.

We’ve all been trying to come to terms with the reality of the pandemic while sitting in our rooms, locked away in our homes, detached from the wider world. In doing so, we’ve begun to understand (some, perhaps for the first time) the importance of not taking life for granted, and have found ourselves thinking deeply about so many things, including that special person for our lives. 

Taking all of this into consideration, was born. Pronounced: “Startup”, the platform was created for the single owners of start-up companies and other career professionals.

The site was developed with the intent to answer a major question: how do you create a dating website for purpose-driven, dream-chasing professionals who are ready to find their life-long equal? 

Single professionals crave deeper connections and aren’t looking for “hookups”, according to a statement from StHEART-up. The team interviewed several single, young professionals and discovered that they were all searching for the same thing: someone who understands and respects their drive is also chasing after their own dreams. The platform is intended to connect like-minded single professionals with whom they can have higher-level, stimulating conversations. 

Members can sign up via Linkedin or by answering StHEART-up’s questionnaire which is integral to triggering their matching algorithm.

Just like other social media platforms, users have access to an “Unfriend” button which allows them to remove anyone with whom they no longer wish to have contact.  Users can also reach out directly to the StHEART-up team to report any safety issues. 

StHEART-up is intended to connect like-minded single professionals with whom they can have higher-level, stimulating conversations. 

StHEART-up has a free plan with the option to upgrade for US$5.99 per month). With the free plan, users can search for potential partners and view their profiles, send unlimited friend requests and directly message (up to three) persons they’re interested in. 

The features on the paid subscription rival those of most major dating websites on the market today. Users can directly message unlimited people, use instant messaging and video chat. They can also enjoy the added bonus of advertising their business on the website.

Discover more by visiting stHEART-up’s website here.

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