These Trinipreneurs want you to ‘imagine abundance’ for 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has gotten zero-ratings in everyone’s book. But for Trinipreneurs Angel Joseph and Anisa Wilson, it’s one where they want women to revel in self-care and self-love through their FEEL GOOD campaign.

Angel and Anisa, through their brands, Imagine Cosmetics and Nuba Caribbean, respectively, teamed up to launch FEEL GOOD. The fempreneur duo launched the campaign on Mother’s Day, with a video featuring loyal customers and brand ambassadors highlighting their “Feel Good” Experience. 

Two of their individual products were added to the GLOW UP Experience Package in honour of the initiative.

With product names like Papa Yo! (Imagine Cosmetics) and Big Man Ting (Nuba Caribbean) their ultimate goal is to present locally themed quality cosmetics to the regional and international market.

“I want to share our culture through beauty.”

Angel Joseph
Angel Joseph and Anisa Wilson are the co-creators of the FEEL GOOD campaign
The GLOW UP Experience Package includes ‘Glow’ shimmer oil and Big Man’ Ting beard oil in honour of the FEEL GOOD campaign

“I wanted to bring products on the market that actually reflect our Caribbean culture,” Angel told us. “I want someone in California with one of my products to be able to say ‘Doh mamaguy me’ and understand what it means.” 

Through the initiative, both businesswomen have also pledged 10% of the combined package’s profits for the rest of the year 2020 to NGO We Say YES, a structured youth programme based in Port-of-Spain and environs which was incorporated as a response to the increase in gun violence and gang warfare in the East Port of Spain communities and a quest to create more success stories amongst youth.

Top local influencers such as Shadik Niomi Day and Nakiah Castang are all proud advocates of the local brands and pristine examples of true Nubian Beauty. Together with the other brand ambassadors, they emit the true sense of the FEEL GOOD experience as they all support the Imagine Abundance initiative.

“We’re very passionate about this venture and about empowering persons to not only look their best but to also feel their best by being aware of their self-worth.”

Angel Joseph, Anisa Wilson

For Anisa, teaming up with Angel on the project was a no-brainer, after finding out about a recent spate of bullying and lack of self-confidence that her clients and brand ambassadors experienced.

It was a matter of how can we help elevate people’s perceptions of themselves?

Anisa Wilson

The campaign has been hailed a success both locally and abroad, with people as far as France and the Czech Republic following along and expressing love for the initiative.

Following the launch of their campaign, Angel–also known for her popular upbeat lip-synced makeup tutorials–launched several new products to her line, including her first eye shadow palette. Aptly named ‘Lockdown’, the duo chromatic pressed glitter palette includes shades that speak to the various experiences faced during lockdown including “Bored in the house” and “Roadblock”.

Liquid matte lipsticks with matching liners as well as wet liners for eyes have all just been added to her collection.

Meanwhile, Nuba Caribbean’s products have been so much in demand, stocks sold out barely two weeks into June, speaking not only to the line’s insane success but also to its effect on users. Pre-orders are set to begin on August 15th.

Follow Nuba Caribbean and find out how to pre-order and Imagine Cosmetics for more on her full product line, tutorials.

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