Prince Marni and Inhalemee announce engagement

Jamaican comedian and Instagram/YouTube star Prince Marni and Trinidadian dancer Inhalemee are tying the knot.

Prince Marni, whose real name is Anthony Grant, proposed to his longtime girlfriend, whose real name is Denisha Burton on Thursday.

Marni is popularly known for his skits and multiple personalities, including character Suzan. Inhalemee is a well-known dancer, starring in Machel Montano’s music video for ‘Fast Wine‘ in 2017 and toured with him extensively as one of his lead dancers for Carnival 2018.


The two broke up briefly last year and there was widespread speculation that Marni cheated after Inhalemee posted a mysterious Instagram post: “Wanna have your cake and eat it to not with me boo #SelfLove#LadiesRespectYourself”.  They rekindled things soon after.


The two made the announcement on their respective Instagram accounts. Prince Marni posted a photo of Inalemee flashing her ring, saying:

prince marni_inhalemee3

“Thank you my FIANCÉÉÉÉÉ for a FIRST-RATE BIRTHDAY night, I couldn’t have asked for anything better cause that doesn’t exist, couple days ago you accepted my proposal with a acquiescent manner lol, knowing my darkest secrets and bad choices I’ve made throughout our relationship but you looked passed that, you opened up to me you told me things you were afraid to mention and it’s ok baby, we’re robots not humans so we won’t make NO! Mistakes moving forward I love you FI FI.”

Inhalemee posted a similar post, teasing that if he ever hurt her again, she’d go after him:



Hey  @princemarni I think the secret is out I’m pretty sure the world knows LOL. Happy Birthday Fi Fi omg this is weird Fiancé . May God continue to bless you and Mold you into a better man not only for me but the World. This new journey you are on may seem unsure but God & D got you well your fiancée  I Do love you if you ever make me cry again PEOPLE JUST COME VISIT ME



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