Ola brings Trinidad and Tobago to the X Factor Finals

Ola continues to make Trinidad and Tobago proud as he has just landed a spot in the X Factor finals.

The soca star confirmed the news on Instagram on Sunday.

“I’m gonna bring Ola vibes, I’m gonna bring Ola energy…and sweet spirit to Ayda’s beautiful castle,” the Groovy Soca Monarch said just before the performance that clinched his spot in the finals.

It only seems fitting that he sang Ola, the 2015 hit song on the Kan Kan Riddim. Ever the performer, he hit the judges with his signature moves as he sang a song that dares you not to move.

The judges praised his consistent performance, with American Idol contestant Adam Lambert saying, “He’s definitely a born performer.”

“We don’t have anyone like that, which is what I love,” said X Factor alum Leona Lewis.

X Factor saw the contestants take part in the last stage of the Judges’ Houses part of the competition on Sunday. The hopefuls were whittled down again as the Judges were forced to make some tough decisions. Here are this year’s finalists.

The Boys (Mentored by Louis Tomlinson)

  • Anthony Russell, 28 from Liverpool
  • Armstrong Martins, 23 from London
  • Brendan Murray, 21 from Galway
  • Dalton Andre Harris, 24 from Jamaica

The Girls (Mentored by Simon Cowell)

  • Bella Penfold, 19 from Essex
  • Molly Scott, 16 from County Durham
  • Scarlett Lee, 20 from Surrey
  • Shan, 25 from Croydon

The Groups (Mentored by Robbie Williams)

  • A* made up of Acacia, 15 and Aaliyah, 14 from London
  • LMA Choir, 18-40 from Liverpool
  • Misunderstood made up of Stef, 25 and Jeff, 27 both from London
  • Vibe 5 made up of Kieran 22, Jack 17, Jon 18, Blaise 17 and Elliot 18

The Overs (Mentored by Ayda Field)

  • Danny Tetley, 37 from Bradford
  • Giovanni Spano, 33 from London
  • Janice Robinson, 50 from USA
  • Olatunji Yearwood, 32 from Trinidad and Tobago


Like us, we hope you’ll be glued to the TV from Saturday, October 20 as the X Factor Live Shows air on ITV. 

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