Nailah Blackman’s ‘Sokah Origins’ goes worldwide

Coming off the heels of her world tour, Nailah Blackman is giving fans a festival experience for her upcoming concert, Sokah Origins.

The third edition of her concert, which coincides with her birthday, will be hosted on December 7 in south Trinidad.

“Every year we try to do something different and give a new outlook on the concert experience, so fans will always look forward to bigger and better with each concert,” said Anson Soverall, her manager and producer.

“This year she did Coachella, Soca in Japan, performed in Switzerland…we decided to bring back all those new experiences and incorporate them into her concert.

“It’ll be a festival meets concert. We want to move away from the norm; we want to offer what the guys of SXSW, Coachella and Ultra have done which should give her show a more interactive feel.”

Sokah Origins is set for December 7

While her management team have shied away from sharing the cast lineup, he hinted that fans should pay attention to who the “Sweet and Loco” singer has collabed with over the years, specifically for 2019.

The concert will mark the end of her world tour for the year and kickstart Carnival 2020 will see a few contributions including a song Nailah and her camp believe will push the culture even further. We’re continuing to push the boundaries and put out something that will speak to her generation and demographic this season will be a year of collaborations, the most she’s ever done according to her manager.

Tickets for Sokah Origins are currently on sale via Island eTickets and all NLCB booths nationwide; follow Sokah Origins on Facebook and Instagram for concert updates.

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