Kalpee teams up with Stefflon Don on ‘Gimme De Ting’ 

Local crooner Kalpee continues to make waves in the music industry, this time teaming up with Stefflon Don on his latest track, “Gimme de Ting.”

The “Wherever You Are” singer dropped the music video for the song on August 27.

“If you had of told me two years ago that Stefflon Don was gonna jump on one of my tracks I would have said, I don’t believe it, as things like that don’t happen to Trini artists like me.”

Speaking on how the collaboration happened, Kalpee said, “We linked up at her studio, she was honestly so cool, and on walking into the session she already had an idea down, which I knew would be dope and of course it was.

“The rest of the session we just chilled and spoke about music, life, home and she also passed on some artistry knowledge which I will be applying in the future.

What do you think of Kalpee’s new track?

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