How to plan your trip to Havana with the Mini Trini Guide to Cuba

Havana is hands down one of my top three list of favourite cities I’ve ever visited.

Cuba was on my travel bucket list for ages, so I was beside myself with excitement when my girlfriends and I chose the island for our girls’ trip.

The historical and well-documented resilience of its people, the David to the Goliath that is America, the tiny island valiantly stood up the capitalist nation is the stuff of legends.

Direct flights from Port of Spain to Havana have been operational for over a year and I’d tell anyone who asks to go NOW. Part of the island’s charm is how little it’s been influenced by global trends, but that’s quickly changing since travel there is on the rise.

I love to plan trips but I’ll admit that this was the most challenging trip I’ve planned. While certain information, like things to do and accommodation, is easy to find, I found myself a bit frustrated trying to find resources that provided information specifically for Trinbagonian travel.

I wrote The Mini Trini Guide to Cuba because I want you to have all the necessary information you need to plan right at your fingertips.

How this guide will help you

The Mini Trini Guide to Cuba gives you everything a first-time Trinbagonian visitor needs to know before visiting Cuba all in one place, including:

  • Important travel documents Trinbagonians must gather before travel
  • Understanding Cuban currency and how to get it
  • Internet and Wi-Fi access
  • Recommended activities

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  1. Penny, thank you so much for your kind words, this means so much! I’m so happy the guide helped you plan your trip.

    You’re just like me, Cuba has been on my list since I was a teen and it did not disappoint. I’m so excited for you to finally experience Cuba, have a FANTASTIC time!!!

  2. Visiting Cuba was a dream I had since I was 15 years old. Reading it in books and seeing it on film made me fall in love with the place over and over and over again year after year and somewhere along this road called life I told myself “that’s one place I wanted to visit before I die”……making that statement knowing at the back of my mind back then that Cuba would have been a place near impossible to get to.

    I met Ricqcolia and had a chance conversation with her on the corridors of our workplace and I commented about how I absolutely loved her pictures and videos posted about her recent trip to Cuba. After about 10 mins talking to her I was sold! My dream became possible and I was instantly intrigued at the idea that she was writing this guide based on her own personal experiences when she traveled. I knew I needed that guide before I even read it.

    It is now two days before my trip and this guide has been like the Bible when it comes to information! I went into it with 100% trust and it navigated me with such accuracy every single step of the way. From as simple as booking flights, getting my understanding of Cuban currency throughly and even the pre trip prepping I had to do, the guide covered all of that. There’s also very helpful tips on booking places to stay, places of interest and a wealth of knowledge that any novice like myself is in dire need for when going to an unknown territory. You don’t even need to know the basics before you dig into this masterpiece!!

    This guide has been a life saver and now after 17 years of a simple dream in my mind has filled my heart bursting with excitement. I could not have honestly done it without this guide. Thank you Ricqcolia!! You are an amazing human being for making my dream come through!!

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