Give me one more wine: Machel Monday to see its final show in 2020

Machel Montano started the Carnival season early with a surprise announcement, revealing that he will no longer host Machel Monday after 2020. The ‘Fast Wine’ singer confirmed the news during his performance at Illusions’ breakfast cooler fete Black2Blue.

Pausing halfway through his high octane set, he said to his audience:
“Allyuh eh find Machel in this business long enough? I am 45 and allyuh is meh real friends — we grow up together. If real friends love real friends, what they do? They look out for them. Anybody happy to be Machel friend or fan? Put yuh hand in the air, please.”

“I gonna let you know this: 2020 is Machel Monday 10. It started in 2011. Allyuh remember ‘The Return’ (first Machel Monday concert)? That was 2011 to now. In nine years, how much Road March Machel win in nine years? In nine years — seven Road March. I lost one to Maximus and Ultimate Rejects – Full Extreme, and Superblue – Fantastic Friday.”

“So I just want to tell allyuh this: I love allyuh. But yuh see Machel Monday 10? This is going to be the finale. This is going to be it. Ten, perfect ten. I am living a happy life. Are you living a happy life? If you don’t want it to end yet, let me know we know. “

Machel Monday has become a staple event on the Carnival calendar, so much so that for years, no other fete was held on that day. It was the first soca concert of its kind, with the veteran artist, repeatedly outdoing himself with each year’s offering over-the-top visuals, high-energy acts from the top local, regional and international stars including Ashanti, Pitbull and French Montana.

The Machel Monday finale will be held on February 17, 2020 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

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