7 top JAVA style trends for 2020 according to style maven Candi Acosta

The JAVA season (or July-August Vacation for the newbies) is upon us and it’s quite a historic one at that.  With a pandemic still in our midst, society as we know it is being rewired daily and as can be expected, fashion mirrors that.  Fashion does not exist in a vacuum. However, we still want to maintain some semblance of normality and one simple way that could assist in that is through what we choose to wear.  As the saying goes if you look good, you feel good.

Pop-up events are not advisable in these times but in the interim, we can still plan for our limited interactions, intimate gatherings and fabulous staycations. Here are seven JAVA style trends you can expect to see around Trinidad and Tobago.  


Imma wait to hear a better duo than loungewear and you! This may be one trend that I believe no woman would ever protest. With such a stylish range to choose from–slip dresses, robes, kimonos/cover-ups and pajama sets–loungewear has been the uniform for the last few months for all those Zoom meetings and parties and there’s no secret as to why.


Comfort and practicality are exactly what makes this trend a winner in everyone’s books.  With some local names releasing some adorable sets like Charu Lochan Dass and her CLD brand nailing it with this style. Go get it!


I love a great print! African prints are still going strong and with Emancipation Day rolling around soon I anticipate everyone will be searching to secure a piece in this vibrant fabric. There’s the print on print option as well as matching prints (yes, full-on citizen of “Printville”) you really can’t go wrong. Just try to keep within similar colour schemes to avoid looking like a complete misfit. Or if you prefer to ease into it, opt for a romper like this one from LOUD by Afiya seen here and pair it with some funky statement accessories, like a cat-eye pair of sunnies from Sanianitos.

LOUD by Afiya with Sanianitos sunnies
Photo: Danny Duke

With busy prints, keep the accompaniments subdued so as not to compete.  LOUD by Afiya also has some drool-worthy skirts like this teal and fuchsia with frill detail. Seen here providing cover up to a cut-out monokini also by LOUD in the colour to watch.

Skirt: LOUD by Afiya skirt with Sanianitos clear acrylic earrings
Photo: Danny Duke

Core Hues

Black, white and neutrals: really, do these ever go out of style? I guess that’s why these are the foundation blocks upon which our wardrobe should stand on.

Perfect for beating the heat and attracting nothing but light and goodness just like this timeless deep V-swing dress from Meiling. Try to look for cute details on classic pieces that draw the eye. Chant this like a Road March: details make the difference.

Dress: Meiling
Earrings: Sanianitos
Photo: Danny Duke


Speaking of details and sticking with the designer known for just that, it would be remiss of me not to mention this style that combines the core neutrals with one of the top patterns of the season – houndstooth.

Meiling’s “Candi Dress” is a versatile design that can be worn for casual and even some professional settings (styling would set the tone), seen here with the folded sleeve and paired with heels for the office setting and then can also be switched up for an essential errand run with comfy footwear. (Bonus: you can even wear it back-to-front AND front-to-back, we just won’t reveal which is which!)

Puffed sleeves

Another notable detail for JAVA 2020 is puffed sleeves. Remember not to go too overboard with them if you are on the petite side or you risk taking flight the next time a gust of breeze passes your way. This striking Bene Caribe piece just speaks to my soul. Complete the look with a statement accessory and you’re good to go, no worries.  


Sustainable dressing

Keeping in mind that every new item of clothing made has a substantial carbon footprint attached to its production, mindful shopping should be top of the list for us all. With the fashion industry being the second largest polluter in the world and our position here in the Caribbean standing to be impacted more directly compared to our first and second world counterparts, we should be more aware of how and where we buy

To put it simply – the concept of buying into the “fast-fashion” mentality of paying less just for the sake of being “on trend” is busted. Instead of updating your entire wardrobe, try updating your mindset. You can look for new ways to style items you already own. Before your next fashion purchase ask yourself how many ways can you wear it? Thrift stores and events are budding nationwide (pre-COVID at least so I do hope they make a swift comeback) but virtual pop-ups may act as a temporary solution to in house shopping events.

Colour of the season: Saffron!

The colour we as Trinbagonians are oh so familiar with, the colour of our beloved curry. By extension, the various shades look immaculate on dark skin, olive tones and even light skin there is a yellow/saffron for everyone

Just have to try it, it may look intimidating but it really isn’t.  Outside of a close political association, the colour is a cheery one, it exudes positivity and is an energy booster which I believe everyone could appreciate.

Shirtdress: Bene Caribe
Earrings: Sanianitos
Photo: Danny Duke

Candi Acosta is lady boss at SweetLinkTT and is in the running for the poised position of head cheerleader for the Local Fashion, Entrepreneurs & Creatives fraternity. Keep up with her journey and subscribe to the #SupportLocal & #ShoppeLocal team on Instagram and Facebook.

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